300W Original DynaSun 2x CY25W Kit Photo Studio Light Unit with DaylightBulb, 2x Stand, 2x Umbrella


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300W Original DynaSun 2x CY25W Kit Photo Studio Light Unit with DaylightBulb, 2x Stand, 2x Umbrella

The kit is offered a full kit of illuminator, reflector, lamp spiral andcable connection. The lamp provides a high-quality light with the colour temperature, which allows the mixing of artificial light to sunlight and use of film daylight even in applications where previously it was necessary to usefilm to light artificial.
The lamp, by virtue of its high yield, absorbs only 26Watt and allows,thanks to its high brightness (equal to that of a halogen lamp of 150 W).
Umbrella UR02 White
The DynaSun Studio Lite Umbrella Series is a highly portable, versatilelighting solution designed to soften, broaden and enhance the quality of studio lighting with minimal effort. Umbrellas soften, broaden, and diminish the light output of any tungsten or flash light source.
The DynaSun Studio Lite Soft White Umbrella is designed for use as ashoot-through umbrella aimed at photographers seeking a more directional lighting source.
Designed for the range of DynaSun Studio Blitz flash strobes, the DynaSun Studio Lite umbrella series is also suitable for any standard monolightor flash with an umbrella attachment.
Light Stand W803
DynaSun Professional Series light stands are built to uncompromisingstandards. Ideal for studio or on location shoots where sheer strength must be combined with portability and easy set-up. Aluminium alloyconstruction means they are strong yet light weight. Black finish makes them the most attractive light stands on the market. Allow for heavierloads with greater durability.

Product Features

* 26W lamp energy saving(26W Energy saving lamp = 150W standard equivalent)
* Average life lamp: approx. 1100 hours
* Very low heat loss
* Colour temperatures 6400K (Daylight)
* It hooks easily to any standard Stand
* Base can be rotated around the axis
* Coupling lamp: E27Umbrella UR02 White
* Color: White
* Size: 33″” (84cm)
* Soft light umbrella
* Diffusor

Light Stand W803
* Made from aluminium alloy with a professional black satin finish
* Solid locking capabilities with specially designed quick-release levers
* Max Section Diameter: 0.96″” (24.5 mm)
* Maximum height: 86.6″” (220cm)
* Minimum height: 28″” (72cm)
* Net weight: 955 g
* Versatile and compact
* Colour: Black
* Spigot stem: 5/8″”
* Spigot screw tip on the stem: 1/4″”
* An exceptionally strong, yet lightweight stands

* 2x Illuminator Studio DynaSun Day-Light CY25W-150W
* 2x Spiral lamp Day-Light SYD 26W 6400K
* 2x Metal Reflector
* 2x Power Cable
* 2x Pro Studio Umbrella DynaSun UR02 White
* 2x Light Stand DynaSun W803

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