61 Keys LCD Professional Performance Teaching Type Keyboard DynaSun MK906USB MIDIwith Touch Response/Sensitive


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61 Keys LCD Professional Performance Teaching Type Keyboard DynaSun MK906USB MIDIwith Touch Response/Sensitive, MIDI, LCD Display, REC, Intelligence Teaching Function, Three Bank Registration Great for intermediate and semi professional players, the kit MK906

Portable Keyboard Value Bundle is a DynaSun product that gives you everything you need to get started making music right away.
The kit comes with the MK906 Portable Keyboard, and the Survival Kit, which includes a power adapter and a music stand.
DynaSun MK906
Portable KeyboardThis LCD DynaSun MK906 is a Portable Keyboard with piano keys and MIDI controller providing 61 semi-weighted keys and is the flagship in a new series of Keyboard with semi professional performance. It is packed with functions and features designed specifically for the new piano user. The DynaSun MK906 comes with a brilliant new custom sound library.
Enjoy 30 great sound samples, including classical and modern songs. But if you’ve never played before, the Intelligence teaching function provide deep resources for practice and education. If learning to play music is important to you, the DynaSun MK906 is a wonderful set of music training functions, makes learning music incredibly easy. At the top of the keyboard is a display whose features can be controlled by means of dedicated interface buttons. Using the screen in conjunction with these controls, you can real-time control over the parameters.
The LCD DynaSun MK906 is a highly versatile, portable digital keyboard, offering outstanding rhythms effects with special modulation control for realistic effects on select instruments. This means players now have more expressive control over the internal sounds than any other keyboard in its class.
The LCD DynaSun MK906 includes a huge assortment of 128 built-in styles that cover all genres of music waiting for you to play along with. It’s just like having a built-in band. Call up your favourite style of music like Rock, Big Band, Gospel or Country, press a chord or play Single Finger mode, and the DynaSun MK906 will follow you through a piece of music, providing all of the drums, bass, piano, guitar, horn and string parts for you. The integrated USB port can be connected to a computer to transfer MIDI data. Built-in speakers with stereo processor deliver great stereo sound, while a headphone output provides for private practice or playing.
With the easy-to-use controls, LCD display, Record & Playback function, metronome and built-in speakers, the DynaSun MK906 is easy to navigate and play, right out of the box. Whether you need a simple, convenient instrument for play or practice, or you have just starting taking music lessons, the DynaSun MK906 is a highly versatile and easily portable solution.

Product Features
* 61-Key Standard Keyboard With Touch Function
* Semi-weighted keys
* Intelligence Teaching Function
* LCD Display
* Built in speakers
* 128 Timbres
* 128 Rhythms
* 8 Percussions / Keyboard Percussion
* 30 Demonstration Songs
* Tempo Control
* Master Volume Control
* Accom Volume Control
* Single Finger Function
* Fingered Chord Function
* Bass Function
* Chord Close Function
* Start/Stop Function
* Sync Function
* Fill-in Function
* Metronome Function
* Rhythm Programming Function
* Record & Playback
* Touch
* Sustain
* Vibrato
* Tune
* Transpose
* Keyboard Split Feature
* One-key
* Follow
* Ensemble
* Speaker Output (L/R)
* Headphone Jack
* Product Dimensions: 965x366x120mm
* Power Supply: DC12V / AC Adaptor

* 61 Keys Keyboard MK906 USB MIDI
* Power Adaptor
* Music Stand
* Manual

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