DynaSun S70 70cm 27" Beauty Dish White/Silver for Bowens Monolight type -S with Honeycomb Grid and Diffuser panel

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DynaSun S70 70cm 27" Beauty Dish White/Silver for Bowens Monolight type -S with Honeycomb Grid and Diffuser panel


The DynaSun S70 70cm White/Silver Beauty Dish for Bowens Monolight is a light modifier famous for striking portraiture and fashion images. The beauty dish is a different kind of light modification device because it doesn't diffuse light. This is a reflector that uses its parabolic shape to distribute light towards a focal point, and is an alternative to a softbox. The effect has qualities that cross between that of a direct flash and a softbox, giving the image a wrap around look like a softbox, but with more contrast and a more dramatic directed beam. The White/Silver finish delivers higher output, creates more contrast and brings out more detail of your subject. 
The beauty dish design has a small opaque reflective cover suspended directly over the front of the light source, in the center of the beauty dish, preventing direct light from hitting the subject. The light then bounces backwards off the small interior disk and floods the wall of the larger bowl of the beauty dish, resulting in a wide cast of softer light than obtainable from a standard reflector and much better than the harshness of a speedlight.
The DynaSun S70 70cm White/Silver serves best for head and shoulders portraits to dramatic figure studies or for subjects that are in tight spaces where softboxes and umbrellas can't do the job.
The honeycomb grid is a powerful tool in the arsenal of artificial lighting photographer. By covering the aperture of the reflector with the disk, you gain more control of a light source's beam, and feathers the hard light for an attractive shadow. This strong directionality can be used to add high key depth for fashion images, and emphasis the model facial structure as well as the eyes, lips, nose and chin.

Product Features 
* Soft beauty light for fashion & portrait photography 
* More dramatic contrast & tactile feel than softboxes & umbrellas
* No center hot spot 
* Includes diffuser for broader light spread
* Includes honeycomb grids for extra beam control 
* Made for Bowens Monolight and compatibles Type-S
What you get 
* DynaSun S70 70cm 27" Beauty Dish Reflector White/Silver 
* Honeycomb grid 
* Diffuser panel