DynaSun KSHK400 4in1 2x Light Photo Studio Softbox 50x70cm Stand 8 Daylight Bulb

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DynaSun Kit double KSHK400 4in1 Professional Kit Light Photo Studio with 2x Softbox 50x70cm, 2x Stand Lights Lighting and 8x Daylight Fluorescent Bulb for Studio Photo Video and Photography 
The DynaSun Softbox Fluorescent Light double Kit KSHK400 with Softbox is a great choice for the photographer or videographer seeking a broad, flattering light source with unique fall-off characteristics for portraiture, fashion or events. Softbox light sources have long had a reputation as the preferred portrait-shooter's light source.
The shape offers an especially large surface area which produces a wrap-around light, which envelopes the subject while creating natural-looking catch lights in the eyes. The kit is comprised of two separate 4-lamp light head and removable Softbox. The switches on the rear of the fixture control the lamps. The head's standard 5/8" receiver mounts to a huge variety of light stands and grip ware with 5/8" studs. The included Softbox has a removable front face allowing even greater flexibility from hard to ultra-soft light.
This professional Continuous Light system gives you the kind of studio lighting you need to get the professional shots. It is designed for DSLR/SLR cameras and also used in video taking. With continuous lighting there's no need for complicated flash settings or fumbling with sync cords. You can model your subject knowing exactly where the light will fall. 
Light Stand W803
DynaSun Professional Series light stands are built to uncompromising standards. Ideal for studio or on location shoots where sheer strength must be combined with portability and easy set-up. Aluminium alloy construction means they are strong yet light weight. Black finish makes them the most attractive light stands on the market. Allow for heavier loads with greater durability.
Daylight Energy Saving SYD45W
The DynaSun SYD45W is excellent for creating a bright environment. For reading, photographing, Suitable for office, living room, dining room. The DynaSun SYD45W has less brittle than traditional light bulb. 20 times longer life than traditional light bulb, consume 1/5 energy of traditional light bulb. This product is a good Supplementary of sunlight and may relieve you from the issue.
Product Features
Lightning DynaSun 4in1 with Softbox
* Includes a 50x70cm Softbox that provides a soft, uniform, diffused light
* Noiseless operation allows clear audio for video productions
* Cool output allows heat-sensitive subjects to be safely photographed up close
* Designed to work with all E27 screw light
* Accommodate light bulbs or slave flash
* Easy mount to light stand and easily adjustable for different shooting angles
* On/Off switches
Light Stand W803
* Made from aluminium alloy with a professional black satin finish
* Solid locking capabilities with specially designed quick-release levers
* Max Section Diameter: 0.96" (24.5 mm)
* Maximum height: 86.6" (220cm)
* Minimum height: 28" (72cm)
* Net weight: 955 g
* Versatile and compact
* Colour: Black
* Spigot stem: 5/8"
* Spigot screw tip on the stem: 1/4"
* An exceptionally strong, yet lightweight stands
Daylight Energy Saving SYD45W
* Brand: DynaSun
* Power consumption: 45 watts (equivalent to traditional bulb of 200 watts)
* Shape of luminous part: spiral
* Size: E27, ES27, Edison Screw 27mm
* Voltage: 220 - 240 V ( 50 - 60Hz )
* Average operating hours: 8000 hours
What you get
* 2x DynaSun Lightning 4in1 E27
* 2x Softbox DynaSun 50x70cm with Diffuser
* 2x Light Stand DynaSun W803
* 8x Daylight Energy Saving DynaSun SYD45W
* Carry bag