DynaSun BOW6060 60x60cm 24x24" Professional Softbox Rectangular Soft Box with Speed ring Mount type -S for Studio Photo Video and Photography

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DynaSun BOW6060 60x60cm 24x24" Professional Softbox Rectangular Soft Box with Speed ring Mount type -S for Studio Photo Video and Photography
The DynaSun BOW softbox permits both a narrow profile while at the same time creating a large wrap-around light spread that is perfect for professional fashion and portrait photography.
The DynaSun BOW is a perfect size for family portrait, still-life and commercial application. With the baffle and white surface, this unit produces the desired soft wrapping lighting effect. Removing the baffle and the white surface produces a higher contrast effect.
The DynaSun BOW softbox can be used with strobes or continuous lighting to produce a luminous, diffused light that captures even the finest details brilliantly while allowing you to switch between high-contrast and ultra-soft lighting in seconds. The internal baffle eliminates hot spots while the external baffle distributes light evenly (both are removable to accommodate a wide range of contrast in lighting your subject).
This kit includes an Speed ring Mount type -S which accommodate any number of studio lighting units., for example DynaSun, Bowens, Hensel, Multiblitz, Interfit, Walimex, ecc. with connection Type -S 3 7/8 (9,84cm). It is made to work with many brands of square or rectangular light boxes. The light box adapter is made to rotate independently from the light mounting part, giving you a total control and flexibility to adjust you lighting situation. The speed ring is made from high quality die cast alloy metal to withstand a wide range of temperature
Removable Face and Baffle, allows you to adjust the natural, soft light to create just the right diffusion and contrast. The removable face allows for high or low contrast lighting while the internal baffle eliminates hot spots.
Using both the front panel and internal baffle results in a soft, even light with low contrast between highlights and shadows. Removing the front panel and leaving the internal baffle results in slightly higher contrast and darker shadows. Removing both panels creates high-contrast, directional lighting.
The softbox consists of an extremely heat-resistant material. You can therefore use even for Continuous light sources with a capacity of up to 1000 watts.
Moreover, because of its compact size and light weight, the softbox is the perfect choice for photographers, videographers and filmmakers who are looking for a highly efficient light shaper for shooting in tight spaces. It's also ideal for a mobile lighting system or a hand-guided setup of the light.
What you get 
* Soft Box (Surface Silver) BOW6060 60x60cm 24x24" 
* 2x White translucent surface 
* 4x Mounting rods 
* Mounting Ring Type -S