DynaSun LED440 40cm 16" Professional LED Shooting Tent Cube Light Tent Softbox Soft Box with 4 Background

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DynaSun LED440 40cm 16" Professional LED Shooting Tent Cube Light Tent Softbox Soft Box with 4 Background White Black Grey Orange and integrated LED lights
for Studio Photo Video and Photography


The DynaSun LED440 Pro LED Shooting Tent is a cube digital photography studio anyone can use to create professional, colour accurate and shadow-less photographs that are perfect for websites, product catalogues, on line auctions, quality control, enhanced business communication and more.
Mount it, put something in and start taking professional pictures today. Good lighting is the difference between a good picture and a great one. Designed with mobility in mind, this lighting environment can be used with any digital camera to take a professional quality photo while dramatically reducing photo setup and image editing time. The light box offers consistent daylight-balanced results time after time and is ideal for use with digital SLR cameras.
The DynaSun LED440 Pro LED Shooting Tent features daylight balanced LED light strips that run from the front of the box to the rear, ensuring shadow-less light. The flicker-free LED colour corrected (5500k +or- 200k) light source is designed to bring out the true colours of jewellery, collectibles & commercial products. The LED bulbs are low energy & long lasting, eliminating the need for frequent bulb replacement.
The DynaSun LED440 Pro LED is easy to assemble and will allow you to create professional and consistent images of all your products. Smart design enables for product to be disassembled quickly. The whole setup can be quickly folded. Four high quality background (white, black, grey, orange) are also included in the kit. These can be positioned inside the light tent using the Velcro fasteners and will cover the back and floor of the light tent.
The DynaSun LED440 Pro LED Photo Lighting Kit makes taking professional photos simple and efficient. All in One Solution that gives you creative control, generates professional results, speeds up your photography workflow and provides years of savings.


* LED strips and reflective interior create perfect lighting
* Multiple access points allow for various shooting angles
* Quick disassembly makes for easy transport and storage
* Great for quick camera phone pictures
* Includes 4 background colour (black, white, gray, orange)
* Includes light diffusing panel
* Quick disassembly allows for easy transport & storage
* Works with any background colour or texture
* Quality Control: Controlled, shadow-free lighting generates consistent results time after time. Utilizes LED daylight light to produce a uniform lighting environment
* Efficient: Reduces image editing and photo set up time; works with any background colour or texture
* Easy to Use: Works with any Digital or Digital SLR camera
* Daylight Balanced: The set has LED 5500°K bulbs

What you get

* DynaSun LED440 Pro LED Shooting Tent 16"
* Black Background
* White Background
* Grey Background
* Orange Background
* Light Diffusing Panel