Original DynaSun A112 Professional Kit Barn Door Honeycomb Grid Colour Filter for Elinchrom Bowens

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DynaSun A112 Professional Universal Kit Barndoor Barn Door with Honeycomb Grid and 4x Colour Filter Red, Green, Yellow and Blue for Studio Photo Video and Photography
for Flash Elinchrom Bowens and all the flash with Reflector diameter between 6.7" and 8.25" (17-21cm)


The Universal DynaSun A112 barndoor set will allow you to control light cast of subject when attached to the front of the reflector of your light source.
This DynaSun A112 barn door kit attaches to flash reflector and comes with 4 doors attached to the frame. By a simple tension spring the barn door is safely fixed in the reflector. The wings are cut in a way that they may be shut closely and then prevent optimally from undesired, laterally emitted stray light, similar to a simple conical snoot.
The removable honeycomb spot grid fits perfectly within the frame and channels the light within a narrow path for dramatic, sharply defined contrast accent. The included transparent colour gel filters snap easily into the frame and will allow you filter to your light to produce professional lighting effects.

Product Features

* Universal design for most of the reflector with diameter between 6.7" and 8.25" (17-21cm)
* Frame in sturdy steel construction
* Can be attached at any degree of rotation with lever clamp system
* 4 independent flags position at any angle
* 4 coloured transparent gels for effects (Red, Green, Yellow and Blue)
* Included a great honeycomb spot grid for a precise look

What you get

* Barn Frame with 4 Barn doors DynaSun A112 Universal
* Honeycomb grid
* Red, Green, Yellow and Blue gel filters