Compact DynaSun MK-CH X-Style Piano Bench Black Stool Adjustable HeightPadded

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Compact DynaSun MK-CH X-Style Piano Bench Black Stool Adjustable HeightPadded Seat Folding Pro Cushion Chair for Keyboard Synthesizer PianoWorkstation



The MK-CH from DynaSun is a compact X-style, foldable piano bench that's
a lightweight, sturdy, and durable solution for keyboard players at home,
in the studio, or for on the road. It can be adjusted to three height
positions, and the two-inch seat provides additional comfort through many
hours sitting at the keyboard. The sturdy X-style construction allows the
bench to fold flat for easy storage or travel while still retaining
effortless setup.
The MK-CH, like all DynaSun keyboard benches features a reinforced steel
structure that's easy to set up and take down. The thick foam padding is
covered by tough, tear-resistant vinyl that keeps you comfortable and
focused throughout your performance. The adjustable height settings suit
almost every player, and non-slip rubber contacts ensure the keyboard
bench stays right where you set it up.

Product Features
* Folds flat for easy storage or travel, making it a lightweight addition
to any keyboardist's road gear without taking up too much trunk or
storage space
* Height adjustable to three positions in one inch increments for
fine-tuning the height of the bench to a performer's needs
* Seat consisting of two inches of high-density foam cushioning provides
comfort through many hours of sitting at the keyboard
* Sturdy metal construction supports up to 200 pounds (ca. 90Kg)
* Easy setup and adjustment using only two locking knobs
* Made from High Quality Super Strong Cold Steel
* Stool Legs features Rubber Stopper for Maximum Stability and Protecting
the Floor
* Size of Stool: Length: 30cm, Width: 40cm
* Height: Adjustable 40-48cm
* Colour: Black
* Ideal For Keyboard Players, Pianists and Drummers

What you get

* Piano Bench DynaSun MK-CH X-Style